Jose Canseco Audio and Video

Audio Clips
  • Listen to Jose talk about what he thinks is the key to his success
  • Then listen to Jose's tremendous 5th deck home run from the 1989 ALCS in Toronto
  • Jose talking about becoming a Yankee
  • Joe Torre is happy to add Jose to the Yankees roster
  • Yankees GM Brian Cashman shares his thoughts on Jose
  • Jose has mixed feelings about leaving the Devil Rays
  • Jose says he received a good introduction to Yankee fans
  • Dan Patrick interviewing Jose about signing with the White Sox

    The following audio clips are from CBS Sportsline and Require The Windows Media Player to play them:

  • Jose on why he went to Tampa Bay
  • Jose on the home run chase last year
  • Jose on why he left Toronto
  • Jose on internal problems at Toronto
  • Jose on hitting in Tropicana Field
  • Jose on being eager to play in Tampa
  • Jose on his 400th career home run
  • Joe Torre on Jose becoming a Yankee
  • [New!] Jose on joining 8 others in the 400/200 club

    Video Clips
    You'll may need a RealPlayer to watch some of the following clips:
  • Here's part of a CNN/SI interview where Jose talks about his outlook on life
  • This is a video clip from CNN about what Jose adds to the Devil Rays
  • Jose being interviewed after hitting his 400th career homer
  • This April 1999 interview is with Jim Rome from The Last Word
  • A five minute interview with Jose on Fox's Hardcore Baseball in July of 1999
  • This is Jose being interviewed on ESPN's Up Close a few weeks after his back surgery in July of 1999.
  • This is a nice assortment of video clips of homers Jose hit in 1999 - my bullseye can been seen during homer #26! (From
  • A clip of Jose talking about the 2000 season during Spring training
  • Jose says he's excited to play for the Yankees
  • Jose hitting a double in his first game with the White Sox
  • Jose homering off of Charles Nagy on 7/26/01

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